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Cherry Lash – St. Rose Square

Eyelash extensions aren’t just about longer, fuller lashes… They show off your personality, help you feel more confident, and save you time during your daily routine. It all starts with selecting the right style, which will then be customized to create your desired lash look.

At all locations in Henderson and Las Vegas, our state-licensed Lash Artists pamper you seven days a week. We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding experience where you relax while we perfect your look, one lash at a time. Our lash squad works their way from Apprentice to Artist to Master — being trained in advanced application techniques and using top-tier products. Our Master Artist Quality Assurance Team upholds the Cherry Lash promise with the most stringent standards.

Our mission is to bring stunning eyelash transformations to women all over the world while giving hard-working men and women a path to business ownership.